About us


“Our mission is to connect a contemporary generation of artists with global art lovers, deepen customers’ understanding of Vietnamese fine arts and thus satisfy all of their art demands.

We wish to be a reliable destination for seeking art works; a bridge between national art culture, national artists and global audiences and surely a community where enthusiasts of Vietnamese art can meet and discuss art matters.”

Established in 2007, VX Art Gallery is among the largest professional online galleries promoting Vietnamese fine arts and paintings to all artlovers around the world. Our network constitutes the most reputable Vietnamese artists who are ultimately dedicated to bringing art you – art fans and art professionals – diverse art collections of all themes, styles and materials.

Here at VX Art Gallery, in addition to artistic beauty, we stress on the originality of artworks with a hope of exclusively reserving the most refined paintings to our customers. We serve to bring you those masterpieces that are impressive to eyes and close to hearts.

More interestingly, all customers visiting Vietnam are likely to be invited to an art tour where you can talk with artists in person, raise your knowledge of our art culture and have fun talking about your art passion as well as other art activities that enhance your stay in Vietnam.

We encourage those who are passionate about our collections and curious about Vietnamese fine arts to directly contact us for further information. We are happy to talk with you as a friend, solve any of your queries and provide you art advice in time.

Warmest welcome to private customers, collectors and galleries! Come, enjoy and stay as our cherished partners!

VX Art Gallery – serving you best for all your demands in art!